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Disruptions like Natural disaster, unexpected System failure or Cyber threats can affect your business operations that could result in loss of revenue and higher costs for recovery, which can further cause drop in profitability.

Business continuity planning, also known as BCP, is the process where we create a reliable system to prevent and recover your business/company from potential threats that might affect your business operations. In BCP, we ensure that your business’s personnel and assets are protected and your organization is able to recover and function quickly in case any disaster happens.


Our Approach for Business Continuity Planning


This is the very first step we take before creating a BCP for your organization. In this step, we understand the basic structure, processes and functioning of your business and analyze the potential risks it may face. We create the detailed document for our reference to ensure no risks, threats, and loopholes are missed. We work through every minute detail about your business to make sure we have all the information we need to plan for building a robust system and processes.


Based on the details we collected in the Analysis step, we design a robust plan to implementing safeguards and procedures to mitigate the risks that might affect your company in any way. This plan includes but not limited to improve IT System's health, Data leak protection, Cyber Threats protection, Backup etc. Any process to be followed by your employees in the best interest of the business to protect and increase your brand value.


Once the plan is ready, we make sure our team of proficient experts are working closely to implement it in the most efficient way. Some of the operations needed to execute the plan will be automated as well where make use of leading technologies and platforms to maintain the security and integrity of your organization. Our team work to eliminate all your business vulnerabilities and provide prioritized actions for improvements in your business structure.


Maintenance is required for almost every aspect of your business. It’s the need of the hour in Business Continuity Planning as well. As your business grows, the technologies, organization-structure, work environment, pipelines – everything expands and changes, So does the risks and business vulnerabilities. Therefore, we help you maintain your business continuity plan by identifying further possible threats and making changes in the plan accordingly. We provide an in-depth report that identifies critical areas of risk and exposure even in the future.

Key Contents for Business Continuity Planning

Why Choose Us?

Because we’re the best in what we do. TriTech IT Solutions can effectively define your business continuity strategy in order to reduce the impact of a disruption and the cost of recovery. Not only that, we take all necessary measures to improve the efficiency of recovery efforts to save on two precious elements - Time and Money.

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