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Backup & Disaster Recovery in Edmonton

Data is the soul of every company, but the loss of data especially because of cyber-attacks and natural disaster is very common. Inability to recover the lost data may incur significant loss to businesses in term of finances, credibility, and reputation. This is why businesses must have optimum practices in place so that they can recover the data when it’s lost under any circumstances.

Secure Your Data with our Business Continuity Services

TriTech IT Solutions has dedicated itself to protecting your organization’s data and operations over the years with our comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions. We take pride in being the best disaster recovery & backup service company in Edmonton to protect all your useful data in the time of crisis. We do not only implement potent disaster recovery solutions but also provide real-time backup that facilitates you to restore backup for your servers, software, and operating systems. We replicate your valuable data & restore it in a matter of time so that your staff can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Best Disaster Recovery Solutions in Edmonton Include:

How we work?

Being the providers of Best Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions in Edmonton, we make sure we take a comprehensive approach to protect your valuable data from any possible threat. Here is how we work to ensure that:

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What We Offer

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Competitive Pricing

We offer the best pricing in the market. We have the variety of options to choose so the expense is not a burden on your business.

Image Backups

If we have the right resources, image-based backups are the most proficient. Therefore, we keep taking snapshots of your server frequently after short intervals of time. These snapshots include copy of your operating system, active applications, and all your organization data. All this information will be saved in a secure file. Then we use this file to restore a server to its latest backup state, in a very quick and easy matter. This is how we offer the most reliable server disaster recovery in Edmonton.

Data Backups

Regardless where is your data is stored (Onsite or Cloud) is always vulnerable to attacks. Good thing is that regular backs can be implemented for onsite or Cloud storage. According to your requirements, appropriate data backups solutions can be implemented.

We take a further approach and securely send encrypted backups to our cloud. Therefore, even if we lose data on on-site repository, we can still recover it from the cloud. This is the added protection just to ensure that we defend your data against all kinds of threat including the natural disaster or catastrophic events.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery appliance is meant to serve two purposes:

We understand that when disaster occurs, recovery time is critical. We provide the solutions to recover your server in the matter of minutes not hours. Whenever disaster strikes and takes away your useful information, we will be able to recover it with our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Edmonton – not in days or weeks, but in minutes or few hours.

If you need most reliable and cost-effective data backup and disaster recovery solutions in Edmonton, TriTech Solutions is the name you can trust. If you have any questions about how we will implement disaster recovery for your business, give us a Call today!